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Red Tailed Black Shark

Labeo bicolor or Epalzeorhynchus bicolor


The Basic Data on Species




5 inches




Please see the bottom of this page for feeding recommendations


71.6 F - 80.6 F




6.5 to 7.0




5 to 6 years dependent on water quality, food and stress levels


1 Red Tailed Shark to a tank. Some sites state that if you house more then 6 they are fine. Wrong! I have a large female that loves to torture the others. Keep it to one. All Gouramis, all Barbs including Tinfoil Barbs, all Danios, all Rainbows, 6 or more Bala Sharks, and 3 Clown Loaches


ONE, not tolerate of it's own species


None under this name. Closely related are the much larger Black Shark, the Rainbow Shark and the Pink Shark. All are hostile and intolerant of their own species. Thus only one of these (1 Red Tailed Shark OR 1 Rainbow Shark OR 1 Pink Shark) per tank.

My Freshwater Red Tailed Black Sharks

A 29 Gallon Glass Tank that now yields 6 of these lil buggers. As I pondered the wonders of Freshwater Tropical fish early in my aquatic hobbydom. I was captivated by the active little bullet shaped fish. When I purchased my other fish I had always bought them in schools of 6 such as my Bala Sharks and Tiger Barbs.

They are now various sizes and oddly colored. The more stressed a Red Tailed gets the more gray the fish becomes. The largest is around 5 inches and the others are like stair step in sizes down from her. It is almost like a physical hierarchy.

Red Tail's are mostly bottom feeders like most fish with a downward curved mouthed. You can tell on pretty much any fish what level they prefer to eat at by looking at if their mouth points up, down or even. They are very large on hiding. They will vertically align themselves with heaters or filter hoses just to blend in. It is advisable to have some cave like decorations in their aquarium. Heed all of the warnings about keeping them with like species or with fish that have red markings, they are a very hardy fish and would do well as a start for a new aquarium enthusiast. They are pretty funny with the military like style that the female portrays when patrolling the tank and noses all the Barbs just to let them know she is queen and chases all the other sharks into their hiding places. The Red Tailed is a herbivore and doesn't eat other fish and generally won't actually kill any fish in the tank, but will harass it into illness by stressing it out.



Recommended Reading Material

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Recommended Feeding

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San Francisco Bay Brands Betta Food Freeze Dried Bloodworms

1 gram. Bettas and Bala's love this protein rich, all natural food. Freeze drying locks in nutrients and preserves the natural shape, making it more appetizing for finicky eaters. Never clouds the water.

Hikari Bio-Pure FD Tubifex Worms

 0.78 oz. Tubifex worms specially freeze-dried to maintain the nutrition and flavor of live. Enriched with multi-vitamins. Promotes extraordinary health and color. All the benefits of live tubifex worms, free of parasites or harmful bacteria.


Ocean Nutrition Formula One Flake Food

2.5 oz. Significantly improves coloration and vitality in your fish while boosting their immune system to aid in disease resistance. Fresh seafood and algae make this a gourmet natural food for all marine and freshwater tropical fish.