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Tiger Barbs

Barbus tetrazona or Capoeta tetrazona

The Basic Data on Species




2.7 inches


Semi Aggressive-best kept with same


Please see the botton of the page for feeding recommendations


68 F - 74 F




6.5 to 7.0




3 to 5 years dependent on water quality, food and stress levels


Gouramis, all Danios, 1 Red Tail Shark or 1 Rainbow Shark, 6 or more Bala Sharks, 3 or more Clown Loaches, 3 or more Yoyo Loaches, and 1 Plecostomus Catfish or 1 Bushy Nose Plecostomus. Semi Aggressive, will bite Angels fins, will not tolerate fancy guppies. Best kept with other semi aggressives.


School is 6 or more


Green, Blushing and Albino. Kool-Aid colors such as blue, pink, orange and purple are created by the breeder. The Kool-Aid variety is injected with dye or feed treated food to create the colors. This effect may last up to several years, but eventually will fade with time.


My Freshwater Tiger Barbs

A 29 Gallon Glass Tank holds 6 Tiger barbs of various coloration along with some Red Tailed Black Sharks, 1 Bicher, 1 Reed/Rope Snake, 1, 8" inch Pleco. They all appear to get along all right. I made a "novice" mistake by purchasing 6 Red Tailed Black Sharks thinking they were a schooling fish. This discussion is continued on the Red Tailed Black Sharks Section but I will say that you should only buy 1 per tank. "They can't stands their own kind". I started out with 13 Barbs but due to a recent problem with some Live Blood Worms I lost quite a few, but again that's another page. These 6 are what are known as Kool-Aid Barbs as some were injected with dye in S.E. Asia before they were shipped so they have unnatural colors such as Pink, Blue, Orange and Purple. I thought this was great when I saw it in the LFS (Local Fish Store) but soon learned that not only are these poor lil guys subjected to being injected with dye they also usually have shorter life spans and are more susceptible to illness (all 6 fish lost during the blood worm plaque were Kool-Aid). The ones I now have left are mutated Green Tiger Barbs that have an emerald appearance. Very pretty and they survived a lot! A novice Aquariumist, the "Live blood worm plaque" and large spiky snake things. I would say that is something.


Their color and temperament make them fun for an aquarium. They are very lively and entertaining to watch. Most of the Tiger Barbs I have ever brought home generally have ICK and I have to quarantine them for the first couple of days. They only other fish that I have had a problem with this is my Iridescent Sharks.


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Recommended Reading

Recommended Feeding

Vibra Gro Freshwater Food
Vibra Gro Freshwater Food

An ideal formula for tanks with mixed community fish including omnivores and herbivores.

Tetra Nature's Delica Bloodworms
Tetra Nature's Delica Bloodworms

A convenient way to offer your fish the fresh taste they love in an easy-to-serve, nutrient-rich gel form.

San Francisco Bay Brand Tubifex Worms
San Francisco Bay Brand Tubifex Worms

These Tubifex Worms have been gamma radiated to eliminate the diseases and bacteria that live tubifex worms may carry.